Financial Management (Professional Accounting Option) (2)

Finance ManagementThe primary task of a Chartered Accountant is to deal with funds, ‘Management of Funds’ is an important aspect of financial management in a business undertaking or any other institution like hospital, art society, and so on. The term ‘Financial Management’ has been defined differently by different authors. To do this, we teach you the essential topics such as how to interpret and critically evaluate financial statements, and relate it back to the practicalities of the profession, such as how to apply decision-making skills to complex financial situations. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to apply key financial and management accounting skills and theories to real-world business operations. This course is an excellent preparation for a financial career in banking, insurance, pensions, privatisation, and funds management.

This course goes further than the PG Cert to equip you with the tools an international manager or entrepreneur would need including business plans, financial management tools, capital budgeting and valuing ventures. This module aims to provide an overview of research methodology, develop quantitative analytical skills and provide training for data analysis using the IBM SPSS software. This module aims to provide a critical understanding of the financial accounting and management accounting techniques and practices and their relevance to contemporary business.

Many of our graduates have found employment in areas such as corporate finance, financial analysis, credit analysis, commercial lending, financial consulting, risk management and investment banking. The MSc in Financial Management will enable you to develop your career and compete for new roles within finance and business. The School provides responsive business education that prepares graduates for a wide range of business and management careers.

Our Centre for Public Services Management helps us to focus our research expertise in public management, and we work with public bodies regionally and elsewhere to build our research base and put theory into practice. The knowledge you will gain from a Masters course in Financial Management will enable you to implement the essential frameworks that support high performance businesses through optimum operational management. The field of financial management forms part of the structure of all organisations and the general health of the economy. On graduation you will be able to apply for a number of positions within the finance industry.

The MSc Financial Management has been designed for those wishing to pursue a career in diverse financial or accounting sectors. In every arena, the effective financial management of funds enables businesses to operate successfully, achieve and supersede their set goals. The overall aim of the MSc Financial Management programme is to produce postgraduates who are able to make a valid and meaningful contribution within the field of finance. You will have the opportunity to develop your practical skills through case studies and worldwide events, by applying financial and management knowledge to improve organisational effectiveness and efficiency.

Finance ManagementFinance Management