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Market NewsI read the sad news today in Media Post that Editor & Publisher is shutting its doors at the end of the year. If you are someone who enjoys the convenience of information and news directly on your home page along with a number of Yahoo backed social links (Flickr or Yahoo Answers) for example then consider using Yahoo. Baidu focuses on the indexing of webpages, images and video but also provides news, MP3 search and even an encyclopaedia section. Teams looking for a ninth-inning option are likely to turn to the trade market first before dipping into free agency. The online graduate business school has been featured by the U.S News and World report.Market News

Multiple industry sources involved in the free-agent relief market indicate that teams are prioritizing ‘Day over all other available relievers, and that he will likely be one of the first dominoes to fall before other signings can occur. Cabrera is likely to be able to find himself a starting job due to this year’s week free-agent market for shortstops that includes only Ian Desmond and Alexei Ramirez, and can market himself as a second baseman as well.

Teams looking for bench help have a variety of veteran outfielders available on the free-agent market this winter. One of the most coveted fourth-outfielder types is Chris Young, who was thought to be making progress on a deal as of last week and is drawing significant interest from many teams, including the Red Sox. Brett Anderson, Marco Estrada and Rich Hill are already off the board for starting pitchers, but the rest of the market is taking some time to get going. These astronomers are studying the early universe by a powerful radio telescope.

With one of the most top-heavy markets in recent memory led by Zack Greinke and David Price, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the entire market of first- and second-tier pitchers wait until the Winter Meetings in Nashville. Sources involved in negotiations in the second-tier of the rotation market tell me that things are slow, with teams likely going first after Greinke, Price, Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmermann before looking into options like Wei-Yin Chen, Yovani Gallardo, J.A. Happ, John Lackey and Mike Leake. As a result, when they become available will vary depending on what state you live in. Most states seem poised to approve of these accounts early next year.

The most common interpretation of Friday’s swoon was that the Fed’s decision to not raise rates focuses investors on the U.S.’s potential vulnerability to slowing growth in China and other emerging markets. For more New Inventions and latest technology news, You can visit Outspoken Science , a weblog dedicated to latest inventions news. A group of international scientists who visited McMaster were really impressed by the amazing capabilities of this microscope.

Market News