Fox News Downplays Good Economic News—And They Have A Reason (2)

Economic NewsYou hear about random acts of senseless violence in the news all the time. Increasingly, the availability of good economic data is coming to be seen by international markets as an indicator of a country that is a promising destination for foreign investment International investors are aware that good economic data is necessary for a country to effectively manage its affairs and, other things being equal, will tend to avoid countries that do not publish such data.

Investigating how the issuance of new economic data influences asset prices in the stock, bond and foreign exchange markets, authors Leonardo Bartolini, Linda Goldberg and Adam Sacarny conclude that only a few announcements—the nonfarm payroll numbers, the GDP advance release and a private sector manufacturing report—have significant and persistent effects.Economic News

Demand for safe-haven assets, which in turn resulted in Bunds outperforming USTs on the back of policy divergence flow, failed to weigh on USD/JPY which remained bid amid the growing expectation of further easing by the BoJ, with Japan LDP lawmaker Yamamoto stating that the BoJ should increase asset purchases by at least JPY 10trl and added that October 30th BoJ meeting is a good opportunity for additional easing.

The sharp turnaround in US equities is being attributed largely to weakness in energy stocks as we saw a decent selloff in the Oil complex with Brent (-3.92%) and WTI (-3.90%) both tumbling despite a forecast cut for US crude oil production in 2015 and 2016 from the EIA, although the subsequent justification is that the void may be filled from higher OPEC production.

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Economic News