Free Agency Developing Slowly As Trade Market Booms (4)

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I am glad that this gives you more informationa dn I hope to see you on here again with some good news. I will be back soon to hear others and hopefully with some good news of some kind. I like Chinese herbs as in China they use then in conjunction with western medicine, neither is classed as alternative just different ways to heal a body. I know how frustrating it can be to live with a chronic condition, and one that causes so much physical discomfort must be so much more frustrating. Beta (Volatility): Beta is much like the market cap, in that there is no specific beta to look for.

Typically a stock is considered a good value if it is trading near its 52 week low. On the other hand, if a stock is trading near its 52 week high, it should probably be avoided because it will likely hit a resistance level and shoot downward. So basically, it is beneficial to look for companies with low PE ratios between the range of 1.0x and 10.0x. When the market is performing better, the preferable range would be increased to around 10.0x and 20.0x. If the company has a negative earnings per share, then the PE will not be listed. Market cap is determined by the following formula: Number of Shares Outstanding x Price per share.Market News

The market cap is used to classify the size of the company into one of the following categories: nano, micro, small, mid, large, and mega caps. The nano cap could be compared to a small maple tree that is violently blown around in storms (market crashes) and could be easily uprooted (bankruptcy). Basically, when investing, look at the market cap or size classification to find something that matches your risk tolerance. Using beta is much less complicated than calculating it. If a stock has beta of 1.0 it moves in congruence with the market. News affects the expectations and decisions of the investing public and expectations determine stock prices.

If the beta is 2.0, and the market increases by 3%, then typically the stock will go up 6%. Sounds great until the market drops 3% and the stock falls 6%. If the beta is negative then it moves inversely, or opposite of the market. Pfizer is usually a 0.8 beta; meaning if the market goes up 1% it will only increase 0.8%. Casinos usually have the highest betas. Theoretically, an investor could make the quickest, and most significant gains with a high beta stock, but could lose the most as well if the market underperformed. Then you would advertise that week for rent at a price at or below what others are renting similar time for.

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