Free Indian Stock Market Sure Shot Tips By Sms, Nse Bse Tips. (3)

Market NewsHere I am going to reveal an exciting theory on how to make money in the stock market fast and easily. This is the stage at which all the positive factors would be discounted by the market. This is where the theory about swimming against the tide can be one of the most intelligent moves which can give rich dividend and you can make money in the stock market easily and with fair amount of certainty. The investor must, therefore, anticipate the crowd behavior and know exactly when to go his own way to get maximum advantage out of the above theory of making money in stock market fast from his stocks. Oil was above $60 for a couple days, before pulling back for the second week in a row.

In short, the mechanism behind this innovative theory on ‘how to make money in the stock market in a sure and easy way’ is, when the crowd expects the stock prices to rise, it will fall and vice versa. There is one important ground rule to pursue this strategy of making money on the stock market – the investor should not wait for the anticipated peak or bottom price levels, because they may never materialize. Any indication of a slowdown in earnings will have an outsized negative impact on the market.Market News

In the end, it can be reasonably assured that buying in a depressed market and selling in a boom should see most investors realizing gains and cutting down on losses. It would, therefore, be far more sensible to spend your time and energy in researching and understanding the stock market operation in order to learn the time tested reliable methods for making money and gaining wealth on stock market.

Eventually everyone who was going to buy one bought one and at that point, the market crashed big time. Ratio of PUT premiums to CALL premiums (0.74 now vs. 0.79 last week) indicate option traders are pricing in slightly more risk to the upside (ie. Crude inventories reported last week showed a decline for the second straight week after 9 weeks of building. This could lead to fickle markets (ones that react to news and bounce around – increased volatility). Look for a seasonal pull back that could lead to a deeper correction if poor economic news comes out. Retail numbers released this past week paint a picture of slowing economic activity.

It publishes views about national and international issues and molds public opinion. Commodity prices, share market reports, racecourse events, sports news, news about films, fashions and entertainments are some of its regular features. All kind of people can read newspaper and can find news on the sector that matches his/her interest. The main car producers are China (24%), Japan (12%), Germany(10%), South Korea (7%) and India (5%).

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