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Market NewsPART II – This is a continuation of part one which simply became too lengthy to contain in one hub. Android is up to 84.7 percent market share (298.79 million units sold) from 83.3 percent (254.35 million units sold), while iPhones rose to 13.1 percent market share (46.06 million units sold) from 12.5 percent (38.18 million units sold). Apple follows in second place, while in third place there’s Huawei with 7.7 percent market share and 27.26 million units sold. The price could make you think twice, as it is one of the most expensive mirrorless cameras on the market, but the Olympus line is also the most versatile when it comes to lenses, offering the widest micro four thirds range on the market today.

There are also other advanced features such as motion snapshot, smart photo selector and the ability to record video and photo simultaneously that make the 1 system perfect for advanced amateurs and professional photographers who want a powerful tool to photograph their family and kids without carrying around a heavy DSLR. Its most well-known product has always been the GH series, which has had much success in the video community as well.

With DSLRs becoming more and more popular for professional filmmakers, the GH1 and the GH2 have become fair competitors in this particular and growing market. Another series that has seen a wide success in both the realm of photo and video is the NEX lineup by Sony which has some very interesting features. First of all, the NEX 7 is the mirrorless camera with the highest resolution available on the market with a 24 APS-C megapixels sensor. Like the Olympus EM5, it combines a retro design inspired by the old film reflex with some of the most interesting tech features on the market today.

Now let see the rundown of best RAM Memory available in the market now and pick the one that suit your budget and needs for gaming! It lets you mash up your lens page with Youtube video, Amazon products, Google news feed, Flickr photos and many other Internet stuff without the knowledge of programming, It or Internet marketting knowledge. Unfortunately where I live we have cold snowy winters so I doubt a Sulcata could live outside happily.

The good news is that very soon non-invasive glucose monitors will be part of all diabetics daily life which will see an end to the daily painful tests that we all have to put up with. In this lens I am showing a number of new non-invasive glucose monitor products that are due for public launch very soon and also a video I have created about these products. Of the four monitoring devices below I feel that the Gluco Track is most likely to come to market first as it has full CE approval for distribution throughout Europe. This video gives you a range of non-invasive blood glucose monitors that could be on the market within 12 months!

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