Goshen County Working On Recovering From Tough Economic News (2)

Economic NewsHello folks, I’m an independant journalist from Massachusetts with a BA in English. I work in real estate and I own an Art Gallery in Uk. I will return to USA in October, 2009 so this process will be going- on till i get back in October. I work in real estate and I own an Art Gallery in Uk. I will return to USA in DEC, 2009 so this process will be going – on till i get back in DEC. Youth empowerment means a lot more than two words, and is a core requirement for the sustainability of any level of economic development reached. No I am not speaking of the 15th ,16th,17th, 18th, 19th centuries , I am speaking of 1960 ´s in USA..have a nice day David.

The problem of power supply (generation of electrical power) is the reason many Africa nations still answer developing nations” every year, because power is needed in education, industrial, banking, agricultural and in many other departments of every nation. Like many Filipinos during that time, Bulosan left for America in July 1930 at age 17, in the hope of finding salvation from the economic depression of his home. The practice of e-lobbying, or lobbying through the use of the internet, has grown more popular as the public continues to turn to the internet for news and answers. Corruption takes many forms and infiltrates all political institutions and economic sectors.

For a fact-finding approach, a lobbyist might request statistics and economic data from the government and then present the statistics and data to the legislation’s crafter so as to persuade the crafter to alter the legislation in the way that the lobbyist’s organization would approve of (Seitel, 2013, p.264). Since then, government institutions like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and President Goodluck Jonathan have vowed to eradicate corruption.

Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) on 2nd October, 2014, reported that European Union (EU) Committed 15 Million Euros (€15,000,000) in the country’s 2015 election. The news report from Channels Television of Nigeria (The best television station of the year) on June 18, 2014, had it that Boko Haram killed 15 students from bomb blast in a school at Kano state of the country. According to the American FBI, ethnic Nigerians in India, Pakistan, and Thailand provide Nigerian gangs with easy access to 90% of the world’s heroin supply.

The Lawanson Road, Itire abode of the Orekoyas, whose three children were kidnapped by a housemaid last Wednesday, 24 hours after she was employed, became a Mecca of sorts of yesterday, following news of their discovery (Vanguard News, April 16 2015). According to Channels Television Station report on 9th September 2014, over 10.5 million Nigerian children are out of school. USA stands at the top of the table with a grand overall total of 2549 medals, 1016 of which are GOLDS.

Economic NewsEconomic News