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Stock MarketThis is a stock blog designed for investors who are looking for updated information stocks Technical Charts and blog is the combination of all my blogs.I will analysis mainly explain technical stocks charts/daily/long/weekly in this blog.I also specialize in Analysis of the Dow Jones, Stock Market Futures and Daily hottest stocks to buy report. By the way, all these sentiment-related data are the exact opposite of their readings in 1982, when the secular bull market began. Back then, people were extremely cautious and bearish, in spite of the fact that the market was up nearly 100% from its late 1974 low. The ratio of money in retail money funds to market cap is – you guessed it – at an all time low, by a huge margin. Greg is a member of the Market Technicians Association and holds the Chartered Market Technician designation.

According to Ned Davis, the stock market allocation of US households is at its third highest since 1952 – the only two exceptions are 2000 and 2007 (not the happiest moments in time to be loaded to the gills with stocks). And by their actions (as evidenced by the positioning data listed above), investors have never been more certain that a bull market would continue than they are today. No one envisioned the possibility, then, that there could be a fire behind the stock door, the bond door, AND the cash door.

Home Depot has gained 22% in 2015 and is sitting near all-time highs (of course, you’ve had a chance to ride a big chunk of this rally for gains since July). That matters, because oversubscribed Chinese offerings tend to suck cash out of the market. And instead of a rate hike, what the market got was no action from the Fed, little promise of any imminent action, and continuing uncertainty around what happens next.Stock Market

When US investors woke up Tuesday morning they were greeted by futures sharply lower and Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest car companies currently embroiled in an emissions-testing fiasco, down another 20% for the second straight day. Elliott Wave International, the world’s largest market forecasting firm, has just released the Independent Trader Video Series. Elliot wave and Prechter’s theories will be tested now that the stock market has broken down.

And as Jamie Lissette, who runs The Hammerstone Group, an information service for traders, noted on Monday, the market right now is a tinderbox” Anything and everything seems to be spooking markets and triggering outsized moves either up or down. On Tuesday, Josh Brown — one of the best financial writers out there right now — captured the problem with looking at the market right now and sticking with any one kind of analysis. On Monday Brown wrote that the stock market’s uptrend fueled by easy money from the Fed has been broken. Most use Elliot Wave analysis as a stock, bond, and futures trading technique in both up and down markets.

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