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Stock Market NewsHere at Srilankan Share Market, we’re on a mission to provide first hand information to those who are willing to invest or trade in Colombo Stock Exchange. While other rookie traders looked to book gains or curb losses quickly, Hayes rode out volatile market swings. His M.. was to trade constantly, picking up snippets of information, racking up commissions as a market maker, and building a persona as a high-volume, high-stakes risk-taker. The story suggested that banks were providing deliberately low estimates of their borrowing costs to avoid tipping off the market that they’re desperate for cash.” Before the financial sector had begun to show signs of catastrophic weakness in early 2007, few people in McGonagle’s world cared about Libor.

When the CFTC was formed in 1975, its directive was to regulate a futures and options market dominated by farmers and corporations with exposure to commodity prices. Hayes also started making disastrously bad calls on the market and was racking up big losses. In June, after a Citi colleague quit and leaked details of Hayes’s trading book to his old boss at UBS, they teamed up with others in the market to target his weak spots. Market analysts said fresh buying by traders on improved demand in the spot market mainly pushed up pepper futures prices.

To burst onto the scene means to become suddenly famous God has been propelling you into the night, streaking you across the skies with almost an unseen tail until the time of your appearing to get you positioned and now in 2015 you will burst onto the scene and light up the night sky! MUMBAI (Commodity Online): Low level buying activities were noted in the Spot and the Futures market as Turmeric rates recovered moderately.

The area sown would however depend on the market rates and if the falling trend continues, traders expect the sowing area may fall as farmers may shift to other lucrative crops like cotton, soybean etc. As per market sources, the major mandi of coriander , Kota mandi has reported the daily arrivals of 2000 ( I bag = 40 kgs ) against 2500 bags that were reported last day. Reports of commencement of fresh arrivals from Indonesia and expectations that the prices in the international market of major origins particularly Vietnam and Indonesia might be quoted at lower rates will pressurize prices.

Domestic prices will also take cues from pepper prices of Vietnam in the international market. In the medium to long term (June end onwards) turmeric prices will take cues from the turmeric stocks at the domestic market and onset of monsoon in the major growing regions. As per market sources , the major mandi of coriander , Kota mandi has reported the daily arrivals of 200 ( I bag = 40 kgs ) against 3000 bags that were reported last day. In absence of news from other origins like Brazil and Indonesia might limit the gains.

Stock Market NewsStock Market News