Has The U.S. Stock Market Gone Back To Normal?

Us Stock MarketA financial market may be defined simply as a market for the exchange of capital and credit in the economy. To sum up, if you want to be profitable in the market, you must adapt fast to changes because the market is so dynamic. For lists of other popular posts and an index of stock market posts, by subject area, see the sidebar to the left or the menu bar at the top. Faber said that if the stock market continues to drop further, the Federal Reserve may have to implement another round of quantitative easing. This is the latest in a series of somewhat unique reasons that Faber has provided for his long-held bearish stance on the U.S. stock market.

For proof that the U.S. stock market is in trouble, look no further than the presidential candidates running for a place in the 2016 election, says Marc Faber , editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. For the past couple years, Faber has consistently predicted a stock market crash and U.S. recession, which have yet to materialize. For just a tiny glimpse of the role that gold will play in the event of a market collapse, look no further than China. Support and resistance is one of the effective ways for financial market analysis.

Presidential election aside, Faber said there are a lot more concerns facing the market, including an economic slowdown in China, falling currencies and trouble in the bond market as the Fed contemplates raising interest rates. This rush would turn into a stampede if such a crisis hits U.S. stock markets, as Faber predicts could very well happen. Futures markets inflate the supply of gold through virtual transactions which keep the price artificially low, while demand for actual gold is high.

To maintain a weaker currency the People’s Bank of China will have to keep printing yuan, just as it has been doing to support the Chines stock market. This crypto-quantitative easing program will have bullish effects on world stock markets because it represents an increase in world-wide liquidity. Turning to the market’s technical condition you can see that two of my main three long term trend indicators for the US market are still above their 200 day moving averages (red lines in top three charts).

This put-call ratio is higher now than at any time during the past 9 months and is flirting with the highest levels it has seen in more than 2 years. Stock market analysis is the foremost thing which is mandatory prior to any financial investment To be defined in layman terms, stock market analysis refers to the entire procedure of monitoring and analysing the stocks and thereby calculating the future trends.

Us Stock MarketUs Stock Market