Financial ConsultantIn every sector there will always be paperwork and admin to do, but insurance in particular has tons of it. If everyone had to do all their own admin nothing else would get done (there really is THAT much paperwork), so general insurance technicians take the admin-shaped pressure off. It’s an offence to call on yourself as a financial planner or practicing financial planning for clients, if without license in Malaysia. Be a good student with a 3.1 or higher GPA and make sure you understand all about financial analysis, corporate budgeting techniques, accounting policies and practices. As a fresh graduate, with no experience working with clients, it seems rather difficult to start as an independent financial advisor. You should work at financial company or bank that offers a full training program, higher salary, and supplemental fees and commissions. Ok.. before I digress further…today’s post is about a career in Financial Consultancy.

It’s important to find a consultant whom you trust and is competent… don’t let those few rotten eggs put you off financial planning. So if you’re looking for a new career or a part time job to earn extra income, today’s post is for YOU. But I was still able to qui teaching because of proper financial planning which allowed me to make sure I had cash on hand to surive in case following my passion and blogging didn’t work out after a year. A major part of a personal financial advisor’s job is making clients feel comfortable.

From 1948 to the early 1980s the financial industry in the U.S. generated from 5 to 15 percent of all U.S. business profits. In fact, at one point, early in this 21st Century, financial sector profits reached over 45% of all domestic corporate profits. In the United States, financial sector profits now have returned to between 30% and 40% of all corporate profits.

While subsequently financial services industry profits declined, and were even negative for a short time, they have returned to levels that seem nonsensical. There was a time when individual investors relied upon brokerage firms to put together a portfolio of individual stocks. Broker-dealer firms and their representatives, unable to make high profits from commissions on stock sales, turned to the manufacture and sale of mutual funds and other pools of investment assets. To replace sources of revenues firms turned to the manufacture, promotion and sale of investment products, mostly of the pooled investment variety.Financial Consultant

To restore profits many Wall Street firms greatly expanded their principal trading operations. Of course, the expansion of these operations created more severe conflicts of interests, and exposed many firms to new types of risk which they failed, in many cases, to successfully manage. There is no doubt that, for individual Americans, the financial world became more and more complex. Instead, individual investors possess the solemn responsibility to save, invest, and manage portfolios for the purpose of achieving their lifetime financial goals. Instead of V.P. Sales” on a business card, the term financial consultant” has become commonplace for the product salesperson.

Financial Consultant