Helping Bank Tellers Make More Referrals (2)

Credit UnionIf you become straddled with a low credit score, you may be labeled as being irresponsible. Since the deadline these people gave you for acting on your check is still almost a week away, you could email or call the police in Dallas, Texas and give them the information you have about the person and address there. Speak to the branch manager at you bank if you want and he/she will probably tell you the same thing. I am not sure that a bank can electronically check to see if a check drawn on an account at another bank has sufficient funds.

I told him to hold off until we got more information but when in desparation (car broke down, phone off, rent,ect) he went an cashed it. it seemed to me that that the bank would ck. is from the same bank he cashed it. god help us! They can check their own accounts but the scammers always use accounts at some out of the way bank and they usually use stolen checks.Credit Union

In the case I described, even if the bank could check the account before hand it would have had sufficient funds since the account belonged to a legitimate mid-size company and probably had a decent balance. As to the banks, the credit union I use has a written warning at each teller window warning customers about depositing checks from unknown persons or companies. They specifically mention lottery winnings from lotteries that the customer didn’t enter and checks with instructions to deposit and immediately withdraw the funds to forward by Western Union. Look at the image of the check above that I received – to a bank teller or anyone else it looks legitimate.

Also, in the case of my check, I wanted to learn more about the scam and how it worked and when I asked at the commercial bank I use the manager immediately filled me in on the fraud. The bank charges was the thing that stopped me, the banks won’t warn us would rather let us deposit the checks first and charge us later. Why am i sendng someone else money when they could of sent it themselves anyways i will call my bank to let them know not to clear it anymore. If you bring it to your bank they will forward info to BB&T or whatever bank is listed on the check.

As some of the other letters it had an Canadian stamp and no return address…asked me to send 2350.00 to a Debbie Marino in Dunn, North Carolina in Money Gram or Western Union. I decided to actually contact BB&T Bank since this was the bank the funds were to be drawn on. The lady instructed me to bring the check to my bank. Want I am going to do is take it to the bank next week & speak with the manager.

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