Historical Stock Price Lookup (3)

Historical Stock PricesThe market is going to change with time, as will your financial condition. LOL – you forgot to mention that their CFO took a powder last month and that their vaunted patent auction that was going to generate (twist pinky in corner of mouth) billions of dollars for the company, never got off first base. Then I discovered that Google uses a Picassa album to store any images you create in a Blogspot blog and then dynamically links them together to display what you see. I have tried several searches and though can find books about Kodak they don’t seem to have good star rating, be up to date or be about the mis-management (rather about how brilliant they used to be).

The unrealized securities gains were less of a cushion against losses than one might have expected, since they were pro-cyclical: Japanese stock prices fell during the 1990s as bad loans proliferated. My take away from this post is that inherently valuations probably don’t drive stock prices as valuation is a subjective issue, a matter of assumption and choosing values. The Toronto Stock Exchange has conditionally approved the listing of the Company’s Class A Subordinate-Voting Shares.Historical Stock Prices

Right now we are watching a historical rise in the price of silver and gold and while gold has always been the king of metals I would like to make the case that silver will not only out-pace gold but it has already done so. Even with the current set back silver is still up 50% from last year! So their track record is right on, why would you listen to people who are telling you to invest in the stock market when they have historically been wrong while these men have been correct historically. Little addition to point 3: I think that the historical Gold Silver Ratio was not 1 to 10 but about 1 to 15 up to 1 to 17.5. There’s another subtle effect on long term stock returns called volatility drag.

To my way of thinking, the outstanding feature of this chart is the near-complete disconnect between initial coupon/nominal return and the real return for much of the century – and the near-lockstep connection between the two beginning in 1982. However time has elapsed and business conditions change over time just as surely as the waist-lines of us gray-haired stock pickers. So, if you can’t acertain whether the company is a fraud or not at this point, should you be buying the stock. Added to this is that the Philippines suddenly have a big competitor, China in this case, in the US market.

I seem to recall during a meeting with Sinoforest’s investor relations proceeding a bond issue that not only would they not provide customer details but that also the prices of their wood chips were generally higher than the prices of the pulp they were supposed to be processed into. For options trading, the usual way to calculate volatility is to take the trailing 20 periods (which for a daily calculation is almost one month of market days) The standard deviation is calculated on the daily closing price. This explains why in the year 2004, the red line in the CHART OF EXPORTS DIRECTION superseded the blue line.

Historical Stock Prices