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Historical Stock PricesTodays real-time AWR stock quote American States Water Co ticker symbol XNYS: AWR price, news, financial statements, historical, balance sheet. Barring the one scenario where companies that buy back stock stop making value-destructive investments, almost every other positive story about buybacks is one about value transfers: from taxpayers to equity investors (when debt is used by an under levered firm to finance buybacks) and from one set of stockholders to another (when a company buys back under valued stock).

As someone who believes that corporate finance at many companies is governed by inertia (we buy back stock because that is what we have always done…) and me-too-ism (we buy back stock because every one else is doing it…), I agree that there are value destroying buybacks, but I also believe that collectively, buybacks make far more sense than dividends as a way of returning cash to equities.

JP Morgan and other private banks are shorting ETF’s (silver stocks) what this means when silver goes up is that they have to cover their shorts (or bets) and buy at higher prices than when they bought (by the way if you buy an ETF in silver and there is no physical silver these banks have in their fine print that they can pay you in fiat money aka cash).

Contributing also on these which also affects the volatility of these investments are the also volatile exchange risk rate, interest rate risk, equity and commodity price risk, etc which are part and parcel of unregulated stock market in the Philippines and liberalized stock trading market in the world due to the globalization and liberalization of the said market.Historical Stock Prices

Unfortunately, the London Stock Exchange is unable to respond to historical price queries submitted by mail or telephone. View historical prices and browse historical stock data for the stocks you follow, including NASDAQ, NYSE, and Amex listed securities at This resource finder searches all resources within the Investor section of the site. Get a share price quote on any Listed UK stock together with intraday and 1 year historic charts, company fundamentals snapshot. Hopefully my website NYSE historical Data will benefit other NYSE stock traders.

Historical Stock Prices