How Finance Companies Differ From Credit Cards, Banks (2)

Finance CompaniesAll applications for company or branch licenses must be filed with the Massachusetts Division of Banks through the Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). In keeping with the hgh pricing power story, pharmaceutical companies have always been able to enjoy sky-high operating margins, a fact rendered even more impressive by the fact that the accounting at these companies treats R&D, the biggest capital expenditure that these firms have, as an operating expense (thus depressing reported profits and margins).Finance Companies

It is this spiraling crisis that led to the collapse of Bear Stearns in March 2008, Lehman Brothers and AIG last fall, and General Motors and Chrysler in the spring of 09. Yes, all these companies made a number of terrible decisions and borrowed way too much, but if credit markets were in a normal state they could probably have borrowed money from other banks to pay off their short term debts and stay solvent.

Finally, while the debate about corporate governance has atrophied into one about director independence, corporate governance scores and CEO pay, the real costs of poor corporate governance are felt most intensely in companies that operate in bad businesses, where without the threat of shareholder activism, managers often behave in irrational, value-destructive ways.

Ii) Companies of foreign jurisdictions can raise capital in currency other than Indian Rupee in compliance with provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and SEBI (Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2009 as if the securities are being issued under chapter X and XA thereof, dealing with issuance of Indian Depository Receipts (IDR”) and rights issue of IDR.

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