How To Become A Financial Planner (2)

Financial ConsultantWe will list detailed of each topic and stress on the questions which will be asked. Hannah Almira Amora is a financial consultant by profession, a finance educator by heart. I did that because of my background, a finance educator advocate and a financial planner. Or you may also reach us at [email protected] or landline (032) 381-0188 for help on creating a financial plan and how to create an education fund. As a non-day trader, non-economist, and somebody who graduated from an engineering course but saw a career in the financial consultancy field, I knew right there and then that it was good news.

I made sure that policies were paid on time including mine even when we were already experiencing financial difficulties We also got one for Kuya; he being the oldest, which we deemed would be beneficial later, for several reasons. So, now you would understand why Papa was against your getting a job and at the same time study; because he has been through that. With that, we are optimistic that your future will at least be secured as you are ready to face the challenges of finding jobs or putting up your own business. Looking back, that was the only way I knew at that time so I can continue to support your financial needs and finish your studies.

I could not sleep continuously for several weeks and cried most of the time, being away from you and still looking for jobs to support myself and save something to send you for your needs. Mission Our mission is to empower the Filipino people to reach for their dreams and protect it, thru education and sound and wise financial planning. I would even venture a guess that you’re a financial planner who specializes in selling mutual funds to your clients.Financial Consultant

If I turn out to be right, than you obviously have a financial interest in people turning against the Rich Dad company and therefore, you’ll need to put a disclaimer at the end of the article stating that you have a financial interest in people believing what you want them to believe. How to not get a real job because I can get rich reading his books and buying his overly priced games.

The point Mr. Kiyosaki,along with Mr.Trump,are saying American need a financial education. Our school from top to bottom does not teach financial education, just academic education. Whether a person derives his education from Rich Dad Education or someone else does not matter as long as it is a sound financial education. RK does not say you should not get an education, but rather, he says that the most important education is financial education.

Financial Consultant