How To Brand Yourself As A Financial Analyst (2)

Financial AnalystsFinancial analysts generally focus on a specific domain, depending on the company they work for. Sell-side equity research analysis is when the researcher provides their fundamental research analysis to clients outside of their firm (i.e. a buy side firm or institutional/retail investor). Also: The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis, and The Interpretation of Financial Statements by Benjamin Graham. The role of financial statement analysis si to use the data from financial statements to support economic decisions. Important information about accounting methods, estimate, and assumptions is disclosed in the footnotes to the financial statements and supplementary schedules. Financial analysts have tools, models, and ratios-even for debt-to help them draw conclusions.

H. discuss the importance of monitoring developments in financial reporting standards and of evaluating company disclosures of significant accounting policies. Your blog is a greatly received inspiration to me. I have zero financial background whatsoever but I have just made a radical decision to start learning and study for CFA Level I and be ready for the DEC’10 exam. That transformation is occurring at the financial departments of large corporations as well, where offices full of human number crunchers have been pruned back considerably.Financial Analysts

So the government is still admitting foreign workers for jobs that are disappearing for Americans because of smart machines. The Wall Street Journal reports a considerable number of jobs lost among white-collar workers — smart machines don’t replace blue-collar folks only. Executives are more conscious of operating expenses, particularly since the financial crisis, said Michael Armstrong a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

GameStop has cut between 15 and 20 jobs in its accounts-payable, inventory-control and sales-auditing departments, said Robert Lloyd, its CFO. With fewer workers needed to collect financial information, Wolters Kluwer is hiring more analysts to help sift its data on profits, revenue and cash flow, among other things, to help in planning and forecasting. Kevin Entricken, Wolters Kluwer’s CFO, said competition among companies for data analysts is making those workers scarcer and more expensive.

The Netherlands-based company is paying a higher average salary for each person in the finance department, even though head count has remained relatively stable, Mr. Entricken said. Our motto is: leverage computers, not humans,” said Mr. Clothier, the treasurer, referring to the company focus on automating many white-collar jobs. If its the former, you’d probably won’t make much of yourself even if you get in. All analysts end up covering one, two sectors at most. Many of these jobs entail working in casual, dining, or self-employment types of programs.

Financial Analysts