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Credit UnionIn keeping with the credit union philosophy of people helping people,” Credit Union ONE will host its third annual Hometown Charity Giveaway. Regardless of account size in the credit union, each member may run for the volunteer board of directors and cast a vote in elections. In some countries, members encounter their first taste of democratic decision making through their credit unions. Service to the poor is blended with service to a broader spectrum of the population, which allows credit unions to offer competitive rates and fees. Members each have one vote in board elections, regardless of their amount of savings or shares in the credit union.Credit Union

Rose Freeman says if the credit union isn’t open, it becomes difficult for business owners with their nightly deposits. Freeman believes it could be the beginning of the end for these communities, yet she notes that Innovation Credit Union reported a net income of $15 million last year. Johnson says closures and reducing hours aren’t decisions that Innovation Credit Union takes lightly. That marriage will represent the largest merger in the history of credit unions, and it has top executives elated.

Lake Michigan Credit Union based in Grand Rapids and United Federal Credit Union based in St. Joseph will be combining forces sometime by the year’s end. On top of that, they will bring together half a million members, making the new combined credit union the 19th largest in the U.S. Onstage vs. Offstage – When in your branch, a customer expects you to act a specific way that is consistent with your role in the organization. Quest Analytics is a financial services technology and consulting company specializing in helping banks and credit unions grow quickly and profitably. Many community banks and credit unions also stand out to their customers or members in much the same way.

Institutions are finding success using leading bank CRM (customer relationship management) and bank marketing tools such as Quest’s IQLeads, IQProspects, and Teller Referral Assistant. While the larger banks are moving to more impersonal customer service models to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, successful community banks and credit unions know that their own customers and members appreciate the personal attention.

Define what you want your customer experience to be and train your staff to deliver on it. This is the new bank marketing in action at the front-line by creating a great customer experience that sets you apart. However, these mergers appear to be a one way street — banks merging into credit unions, not credit unions merging into banks. What is keeping these mergers from being a two way street is the National Credit Union Administration’s rules governing the merger of a credit union into a bank (Section 708a Subpart C).

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