How To Download Historical Stock Data Into Matlab (3)

Historical Stock PricesA new NBER paper reminds us of historical episodes when loose monetary policy contributed to asset price booms and busts. And when you buy a put option, you believe the underlying stock or index will go down in price by a certain date. Learning how to read a company’s annual and earnings report is crucial to understanding the financial health of a company and if you should buy stock in the company. Learning at least the basics of reading charts can be important showing you where the company’s stock has been and where it might be going. Excel Worksheet-Formula Add-Ins allows worksheet formulas to change chart settings.Historical Stock Prices

Understand both fundamental and technical analysis can help you know everything there is to know about the health of a company and how they look on a chart. For the first time ever, your formulas can create traffic-light charts, highlight chart elements, assign number formats, and much more. Here is a production of comparative data of Dow Jones Industrial average, the American stock market, and a foreign stock index BSE Sensex (Bombay stock exchange Index, India). Profit depends on how intelligently you invest and how the particular market or stock behaves.

Of course, decision will be yours whether you will be putting your money into foreign stock exchanges or in American stock market. Cheers rang out on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange when the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 1000 mark on Nov. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) represents Indian stock market and its index is called sensex, an abbreviation of sensitive index. At intervals, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) authorities review and modify its composition.

It means that Indian stock market had growth seven times faster than American stock market. The journey of Dow Jones Industrial Averagefrom 1000 to 2000 took sixteen long years (1956-72).Here Indian stock market had grown eight times faster than the stock market of US. Bombay Stock exchange is not even older that much so far and tasted a level of 21000 plus once in January, 2008. All these show that Indian stock market is growing in much faster pace than its counter part American stock exchange.

Both the stock markets gained in bull markets and lost in bear markets but Sensex performed far better than Dow did over all. It had been a continuous bull market for Bombay Stock Exchange since then to reach up to the all time high of twenty one thousand plus in January this year. All these indicates that Indian stock market has been growing much faster than American stock market and it likely to behave in similar pattern in near future. I have been posting updates for both stock markets of America and India in a separate hub. At a website top youtube videos on wealth management particularly home loans, stock trading/investing can be seen.

Historical Stock Prices