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Stock Market NewsIndonesia Investments’ Stock Market Update section contains a daily analysis regarding the performance of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (Bursa Efek Indonesia, abbreviated BEI). I have also been to China and was quite shocked at some of the conditions that animals were kept in. I am a dog lover, and this is sad for me to see. I lived in China for two years and I did see one of those trucks transporting dogs all cramped together. Treasury bonds are going up in value (yields are declining) as the bond market predicts a depression.

Wang Jing, the Chinese telecoms tycoon behind the gargantuan shipping project, has seen his net worth plummet since his country’s stock market meltdown began, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Until June, 42-year-old Wang was worth $10.2bn (£6.7bn), making him one of the world’s 200 richest people, Bloomberg reported. Analysts said Wang’s dismal fortunes – Bloomberg called him the world’s worst performing billionaire in 2015 – could affect the ability of his company, HKND, to push ahead with construction of the 178-mile canal in Nicaragua.

News of Wang’s financial troubles will bring some hope to environmentalists, who have warned that the canal could inflict massive damage on rainforests and wetlands, and force indigenous communities from their lands. The relief to mark to market gave even more juice to the market, and it was on its way from 6500 to 10000 and beyond. If you believe that the world can come out of the recession without the US consumer, then perhaps you will think that the market will go up and up.

Knowing that the plunge protection team is involved in stock manipulation is no indication which way the market will go, as Bernanke also has to sell bonds. Linda Duessel also was quick to point out that when the money on the sidelines, ie, retail investor money starts coming back into the stock market, she would become more conservative. Anyway check out the article and know that the bond and stock markets are manipulated big time.Stock Market News

In other words, once this sucker rally takes money from average Joe, the smart money is going to get out of the stock market ! A recent article by me on the Seeking Alpha website indicated that reverse repos could bring the stock market down and increase volatility. We must also realize that the California housing market could take down the entire US economy.

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