How to Subtly Draw Attention to Your MBA When Looking for Advancement

Professionals who earn an MBA are more likely to qualify for better-paying jobs and to qualify for promotions and raises at their current places of employment. However, short of shouting down the hallway that you’re earning your degree, there are few ways for your boss to know you’re looking for advancement thanks to your degree without outright telling her – which isn’t a bad idea, but you might be looking for more subtle ways to draw attention to your goals. Fortunately, it’s easier to do than you might think.

Discuss Your Courses

Sign up for MBA courses, even if you can only manage one per semester; click to read more about enrolling in an MBA program and how an MBA can help you get ahead in virtually any career. When speaking with colleagues, bosses, and managers, mention how you’ve been taking classes to provide more to the company. Do your homework during breaks while in the office and see if anyone asks you what you’re doing. Let the rumors spread that you’re looking to advance without outright asking for a raise or promotion yet.

Implement What You’ve Learned

Whenever you learn something in your MBA courses that would prove especially applicable to your current job, put your best foot forward by making suggestions and working more efficiently according to the techniques you’ve studied. Your boss should notice. If she asks where you came up with the ideas, talk about much progress you’ve been making in your graduate classes and how they’ve really let you step back and take a look at the overall picture at work.

Ask for More Responsibilities

Once you’ve earned your degree, display it prominently in your office or on your cubicle wall. Questions should come in about your accomplishment, but if they don’t, consider taking the initiative and asking HR or your manager to consider giving you more responsibilities and projects to work on. When he asks where you got the drive and ability to handle more work, show him your diploma. Once your boss realizes that you can juggle work responsibilities and earning an education, he’ll start looking at you as someone up to the task of a demanding job that sometimes requires overtime.

If you’ve yet to earn your MBA, sign up for courses today. With online programs making earning your graduate degree easier than ever, you have no excuse not to start earning your MBA and start seeking advancement in your career now.