How To Survive A “Split Personality” Stock Market

Stock MarketWhile the TICK is showing there is already at least one holiday auto-float program on the market, it may be a couple of days early to lay back and know that the market will do its magic holiday slow float up into Christmas. We not only combined flowers, like marigolds and nasturtiums, with our vegetables for companion planting as a means of organic pest control , but we also grew flowers to decorate and sell at the farmers market. Sunflowers, which come in a variety of sizes and colors, were not only easy to grow once they got started, but were a big hit at the market. Table cloths, if long enough in the front at least, also help to hide extra stock and supplies stored under your table.

Yes, they’re pretty basic checkered table coverings, but that’s the look I like for the market. Sometimes, just a slight breeze can start the cloth flapping and even flipping over, especially as the produce you’re selling at the market dwindles near the end of the day, so not as much to hold the cloth down. Another idea for your farmers market table is to group some of your fruits and vegetables according to what one can make with them.

We even added these stalks of sprouts to flower arrangements on our farmers market table, and promoted them as interesting candidates for late summer and early fall centerpieces for customers’ country-style dinner parties. Consider offering online pre-sales for customers with just a little time on their lunch hours or who can only swing by at the end of the day. I enjoy buying from our local farmer’s market and from different roadside stands.

Part 2 gives information on starting a neighborhood market, attracting sellers, market demographics, advertising, publicity, tastings and other special events. Also, in five appendices, the authors discuss insurance, a market study, customer surveys, market profitability, and benefits. I buy most of my veggies and some fruit from a local farmers market that is open here all year. Replacements/Damages: Ask your retailer how stock outs, damages and replacements are handled.Stock Market

Some vendors, especially the farmers market vendors who join in our fairs, offer drastic discounts to move perishable products in the last hour, going from table to table and letting other vendors know. As time went on and we saw what was happening to the furniture industry, we realized how wrong we were and that it was only a matter of time before the US market was flooded with such cabinets.

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