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Economic NewsAmong thousand of websites and blogs in Cambodia these are the top 10 most visited websites that have ton of visitors visiting everyday. India is an emerging economy and comparison of Indian economy with other countries such as the US, European Union , Canada, Japan and China is needed to study international economy and business. This article will help you understand better Indian markets, consumers, industries and overall growth picture of India in Comparison with US, EU, Canada, Japan, China and rest of the world. Here is a comparison of Indian economy vs. the US, EU, Canada, Japan, China and rest of the world. This will surely affect India and China but they can manage their growth in a positive range.

It is expected that China will manage a growth rate of eight to nine percent where as India will anywhere between seven to eight percent. Particular data for Shanghai (China) and Hangseng (Hong Kong) are not available to me (If anyone has the data, please inform me) but those were around 1400 and 11000 respectively. Emerging economies are doing much better than developed countries in economic front.

There is no doubt that India is progressing with an enormous speed in educational and economic front and the world have started recognize its progress. Maybe in about 4 generations when the memories of this time dims and only if there is economic prosperity. You have to look at my articles as a series to describe this new order of economic change. Threatened by the growing strength of China and Russia, the US is actively working to vilify the two.

Trade volume between China and Russia will reach $100 billion (600 billion renminbi) next year, and is expected to reach $200 billion in 2020. On Tuesday the UK also became the first country besides China to issue a sovereign bond in renminbi. September starts were revised lower from 1.206 million to 1.191 million (a 15,000 -1.24% negative revision). I have never seen this point made more explicitly than the remarks of veteran news man, Selwyn Raab, in one his books about the New York Mafia.

Anyway, notice the correspondence between the start of the thirty-year economic crisis of the American working class, and the point at which Susan Jacoby notes the severe drop off of Americans’, by and large, engagement with intellectual and artistic culture. That gold, apart from its qualities as a form of insurance against conventional economic crises, is an essential hedge against cyber warfare.Economic News

Economic News