Internet as a medium for Business Communication

Internet can be interpreted as a broad and large computer networks worldwide, which connects computer users from one country to another across the world, which included a variety of information resources ranging from static to dynamic and interactive. For loans tips, you can see at

In general, there are many benefits to be gained if a person has access to the internet.

Here’s some of what’s available on the internet:

  1. Information on personal life: health, leisure, hobbies, personal development, spiritual, social.
  2. Information for the life of a professional / worker: science, technology, trade, stocks, commodities, business news, professional associations, business associations, various communication forums.

One of the most interesting thing is that membership of the Internet knows no national boundaries, race, economic class, ideology or any other factors normally can inhibit the exchange of thoughts. The Internet is a global community that is very democratic and has a code of ethics that all members are respected. The benefits of the internet mainly obtained through cooperation between individuals or groups without knowing the limits of time and distance.

To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, it’s time professionals Indonesia utilizing the Internet and become part of the world information society.

The company website, for example, provides a variety of information. Many companies today use the web site fatherly advertise products, receive product orders, customer feedback requesting and receiving employees. They also use the Internet to communicate with a selected group (Optional) .One of the use of the Internet as a communication medium businesses are using email, because email is the internet means that could present writing.

E-Commerce / views in Business Communication

Trading is actually a human activities since the beginning of civilization. In line with the development of man, the way and the means used to trade constantly changing. The latest form of trading that increasingly facilitate their use now is e-commerce. In general, e-commerce can be defined as any form of trade or commerce of goods and services using electronic media. In the e-commerce, the parties to a trade / commerce only related through a public network (public network) are the latest development using the internet.

  • E-commerce systems can be classified into three types of applications:
  1. a) Electronic Markets (EMS), which is a tool that uses information and communication technologies to perform or present offers in a market segment, so that shoppers can compare a wide range of prices offered. In another sense, the EMS is an inter-organizational information systems that provide facilities for the sellers and buyers to exchange information about prices and products offered.
  1. b) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), is a means to streamline the data exchange transactions are repeated regularly in large quantities between commercial organizations. Formally, EDI is defined by the International Data Exchange Association (IDEA) as “structured data transfer with the agreed standard format, which is done from one computer system to another computer system using electronic media”. Very broad EDI use, normally used by large retail groups, when conducting business transactions with their suppliers. EDI has standardize coding commerce transactions, so that the commercial organization can communicate directly from one computer system to another computer system, without the need for hardcopy or invoice, so avoid delays, unintentional mistakes in the handling of files and intervention from humans.
  1. c) Internet Commerce, is the use of Internet-based information and communication technology for trading activities. These commercial activities, such as advertising in the sale of products and services. Transactions can be made on the internet, including booking / purchase of goods where the goods will be delivered by mail or other means after the money is transferred to the seller’s account.