Internet, News Paper, Or Television? (2)

Economic NewsThe history of news gathering and dissemination goes back to the times of ‘exploration’ and ‘colonization’ of known and unknown peoples and lands. As for the concerns which are driving this earthquake, these are clear enough from the opinion surveys: unemployment, corruption and the issues related to their current economic situation are by a long way the most important issues in voters minds, indeed despite all the talk of recovery the vast majority of them continue to think the current economic situation is either bad (41.8%), or very bad (33.8%).

When President Obama took office, basically in February 2009, the job loss caused by President Bush and the Conservative economic policy in what is now the Great 2009 Bush Recession was accelerating; it hadn’t hit its peak yet and wasn’t going to for another two month; numbers that somehow the Democrats have let the Conservatives lay at the feet of President Obama.Economic News

Corralling the herd of cats called the European Union into imposing tough economic sanctions on Russia and isolating Putin by getting Europeans to put the screws to Russia’s banking, oil and gas, and military sectors, Obama has played his brand of strong-arm diplomatic ball, forcing Putin to choose between his country’s economic well being and his fantasies of restoring the Russian Empire.Putin looks politically injured, snarling not like a mighty czar but like a wounded bear caught in a trap.

Portugal’s political future has been in limbo since the general elections that took place on 4 October, threatening to destabilize the fragile economic recovery that started in 2014 as neither the ruling center-right coalition Portugal Ahead (PaF) run by conservative Pedro Passos Coelho nor the opposition moderate-left Socialist Party (PS) led by António Costa managed to gain a parliamentary majority.

In his first press conference as Argentine president-elect, Mauricio Macri announced on Monday he would not have a Secretary of Economy but rather an economic cabinet with six members, and anticipated that the team that will be taking office with him, as well as those in the province of Buenos Aires, “will include many officials which do not come from the political system”.

Economic News