Is The U.S. Stock Market Rigged?

Us Stock MarketI started this article and this idea because I believe everyone deserves a chance to start their own business, to serve others, and in doing so to create a better life for themselves. So in the example above, if you were only prepared to risk 100 points, you would place a stop loss order at 1.5933 at the same time you bought (went long) at 1.6033. You are never able to buy or sell at the market price, you must always pay a little more. Though, investing in equity market can be more volatile than bond mutual funds, selecting best mutual funds can help your investment goal.

This creates the potential for a conflict of interests if the firm should end up taking an opposite position in a market to the net position of its clients. Whether they’re searching for ways to beat the stock market or learning how to start a profitable internet business, people worldwide want to know how to turn their hard-earned cash into millions overnight. Although my chart takes place over many years, this chart can represent a stock over any time period, from a few days, to a few weeks, to a few decades. A stock promoter is basically someone who promotes a stock, ultimately attempting to persuade others to purchase it so that its share price increases.

The key to making a million dollars in a short span of time is to invest that money in the stock when it’s not worth anything and to sell the stock when it’s worth a lot. Find a stock that’s not worth very much, invest your thousand dollars in it, wait until it multiplies in value by one thousand times, and then sell it. You will have a million dollars.

Since not everyone has enough money to invest, I recommend investing in penny stocks because if you buy a thousand shares of a stock that only costs a penny per share and it grows to be worth a thousand dollars per share, you will have a million dollars. With the stock market drop around 50-80% of value during the crash year 2008-2009, most investor has avoided to invest in equity mutual fund.

However, if you aren’t related to a millionaire, I suggest contacting your oldest living relative and encouraging them to play the lottery, or open a business, or invest in a hot stock so that they can easily make a million dollars and leave it to you in their will. The OTCBB is a United States quotation medium used for many over-the-counter equity securities that are not listed on the NASDAQ or other national stock exchanges.

Us Stock MarketUs Stock Market