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Regional FinanceTrocaire Horn & East Africa Regional Office (HEARO) seeks to fill the following 4 positions within its regional programme. Travel to field sites as needed to ensure proper implementation of finance-related policies and procedures, to perform informal assessments, to consult with and advise Projects management and finance staff on field finance matters, for temporary assignments, or to perform other work assigned. Provide financial management training to Projects leadership including but not limited to Regional Directors, Regional Managers, Country Directors, and Deputy Country Directors.

I completed my accountancy exams with a well known firm of chartered accountants and received great all-round finance and business training. I spent five years at a large pharmaceutical company in two finance roles before I joined RB as Head of Corporate Reporting. I soon took on some investor relations responsibilities before being promoted to corporate controller in 2003. Despite what people may think about accountants, I do think that being driven and ambitious is important to succeed in finance wherever you are.Regional Finance

As finance business partner, this can mean standing up to more senior colleagues,providing them with the facts and figures to make sound commercial decisions. Finance cannot be a hidden or supporting function -we’ve got to have our place at the table where decisions are made from the outset. The Regional CFO will be responsible for all matters relating to Finance in the defined region and will work closely with local finance teams as an added value to support the rest of the operational departments and boards. Finance and Business Services Directorate, which brings together corporate services for Highways England.

In addition, RFI could help improve regulatory and supervisory bodies, insulate central banks from domestic excesses, harmonise regional laws and institutions, and create additional opportunities for learning by doing. Regional exchange, such as the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières (BVRM), and several other initiatives to integrate African capital markets are also present. While the benefits of RFI in Africa are being increasingly recognized and some regional efforts are underway, progress towards regional financial integration has been thus far moderate. To this end, policy makers could devise a coherent RFI strategy based on national interests but amenable to regional goals.

Slow progress is in part attributable to the difficult policy choices facing governments between national, regional and international programs as well as multi-regional agendas caused by multiple memberships in regional economic communities (RECs) and the difficulty of giving up national ownership of market infrastructure. The experience from African countries thus far shows that while regional organisations may be easily formed, they can be quite difficult to take forward. It also provides corporate level planning, budgeting and reporting of expenditure and headcount.

Regional Finance