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Financial ConsultantWe are looking for bright individuals who would like to join Prudential as a Financial Consultant. The popular term for someone involved in financial services is either financial adviser or financial planner. So the next time you find someone looking for a financial adviser or financial planner, you should know that he or she is in hunt for a stock broker, although the job description for a financial adviser or financial planner may be broader than that of a stock broker. The brokerage will then assign you to a specific broker who will then evaluate your financial capacity as to how much you can invest, whether the stock you’re trying to buy has a good future prospect or not.

Besides helping to buy and sell stocks, full time stockbrokers also provide financial advice to their clients to guide them in the right direction and make the most out of their investment. Although there was a scare that the jobs would be hit severely by the 2008 financial crisis, it has eased of a bit. So make sure you do all the hard work and prepare for this very rewarding career as a stockbroker, aka financial adviser. I put this lens together for some ideas on finding a high paying part-time job opportunity.

Schedules tend to be flexible, and the best time to work for these jobs are after 5pm and weekends. These jobs are often overlooked by most people or thought to be low paying when in fact they are NOT low paying. This job is not all that difficult, and in the world of cleaning jobs, pays fairly well. Check out my free list of specific companies including links to apply for floor cleaning jobs in your area click here! Tipped jobs are an excellent part-time opportunity if you know which offer the best pay.

Check out my free list of specific companies including links to apply for the right kind of tipped jobs in your area click here! There are many approaches you can take to land a part-time job that not only pays well, but is actually work you can enjoy doing. There are extra money jobs out there, you just have to know how to go about getting them. I had a hard time finding a new job until a friend told me about JobFitter USA. I am new to squidoo and just found your lens by looking at a MSN story that had a link for Bing: good paying part-time jobs. While waiting for jobs to come through, I have tried doing micro jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I have a character flaw (well, one of many): I look at any financial transaction and want to figure out how to game it. Fortunately, a reasonably strong moral compass and a very strong desire to stay out of jail convinced me never to act on any of the schemes I figured out. But as an author of financial thrillers and suspense tales, I can use that character flaw, combined with my inside knowledge of the financial industries and corporate executive culture to write realistic stories. The biggest mistake I see regular people make is to sign a financial agreement they do not understand.Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant