Keith Leggett’s Credit Union Watch (2)

Credit UnionFour credit unions that specialize in financing taxi medallions filed a lawsuit against Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Wednesday, alleging they are letting Uber illegally pick up street-hail passengers. As we come together as a community to support the Irish and Northern Irish football teams, in this, one of the biggest football tournaments, we want to remind people that their credit union is there to help – through savings, loans, budgeting, money management advice, it’s as easy as visiting your local credit union and speaking to a member of staff.

The thefts were avoidable and though CUMIS, the insurance carrier, has filed a lawsuit accusing the external auditor, Turner, Warren, Hwang and Conrad of negligent auditing practices that they allege, caused the thefts to go unnoticed, the fact is, if Priority One Credit Union had ensured all security protocols were being performed, the thefts would have been discovered early on.

What they hope to avoid is the responsibility the credit union had to ensure all security protocols were in place and being performed; and draw attention away from the fact that the Supervisory Committee, the Board of Directors, the President, two former COO’s, the CFO, and the Accounting Department never noticed a discrepancy between the Los Angeles branch’s vault records the Accounting Department’s records.

Some of the incidents relate directly to Priority One Credit Union’s security protocols and reveal that since January 1, 2007, President Wiggington has often refused to abide to credit union policies created to ensure the safety of assets and other incidents reveal the abuses perpetrated against employees who discovered that some of the credit union’s officers had not adhered to required state and federal protocols and standards.Credit Union

If a union has small numbers, the group can make concrete gains in ways independent of an employer; they can register for health insurance together at a cheaper rate, use a mutual accountant, keep money for income tax that a business would otherwise retain and bank (for the savings interest,) or use a shared pool of money to defend individual contracts.

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