Lake Michigan Credit Union Merger To Be Biggest CU Merger Ever (2)

Credit UnionToday you’ll learn secrets of how to obtain some of the most common types of bank loans, things your bank or Loan Officer might not tell you. My boyfriend received one of these letters also stating that he had won a certain amount of money and enclosed was a cashier’s check printed on Bank of America paper. We are goingto take the check and the letter to the bank tomorrow to let them know that their bank is being targeted now by scam artisit. I did all the following, now I am told the check returned as insuffient funds to my bank. I was scammed big time and I have to pay my bank the $3175.00. Please learn from my mistake. The check has a legitimate bank on it, Bank of Holly Springs, in Holly Springs,MS.Credit Union

The check i received was from bank of america for 3150.00.i took the check to that bank today and they said it was a fake checkthey took copies of it to forward to other showed me a real cashiers check from them and there were noticeable differences. I just received my check appears to be a cashiers check from bank of america.i’ll be taking the check and letter to that bank in the morning.i’ll respond back with their reply. After reading this, I called the bank and they said that they would put a hold on it to keep me from getting into any trouble.

Once I came upon all the information that this was fraud, I hung up. The call was to ontario so I’m sure there will be fees associated with that, but far less than if I would have gave into my intense desire to drive straight to the bank and deposit that check!!!! I faxed all the information that I received from Pacific Funds Management over to the bank that the cashiers check was drawn on…so maybe they can do something. Also, I was suspicious because the check is issued from HSBC Bank out of Plattsburgh, NY (???).

I called the bank the 2450.00 cashiers check was drawn on…and no such routing number The letter I received was the same , to deposit the check and send the money in. These people should be shot. I understand your friend’s problem and the temptation to cash the check and use the money to solve her immediate problem knowing that she will have to repay the money plus bank fees. Well, what I did was contact the branch manager of the bank tha the check came from. They will then report this to their bank and it will be returned to your bank and you will have to repay the money.

Assuming the bank only charges $50 – $100 for the returned check, that would still be a rather high rate on a check that probably totals $4,000 or less as your friend will only have the money for a month or two at the most before it is returned as stolen and the bank demands that the funds be repaid along with the fees that the bank levies. Even if you leave the money in the bank for a couple of months so as to have it when the check comes back you will still probably find that your bank assesses fees against your account for depositing a bad check.

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