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Market NewsMarc Faber : Well, compared to the stock market commodities are probably relatively inexpensive. There was a statistic going around a few weeks ago about how many hours a person would need to work at a minimum wage job just to afford an apartment; I think it was something like 80 hours a week (depending on the location). Some people choose not to work but some people find it difficult to secure opportunities in the market and some people need assistance that may not be readily available to help them. You just need to show up. I made $400 a week at a fast food restaurant; MORE THAN ENOUGH TO RENT AN APARTMENT.

His mom was out of state with his dying father, and he told me that she agreed i could live at the house (he was watching it for them) and was supposed to be living out of state even after the father passed away. I’ve had a select few very generous people give me $20 and $40 at a time and one couple let me shower at their place (but they live too far out to go there often). During that time the physically disabled with nowhere to live are both unable to work and not getting any income.

You need food, electric, a phone, and clothes suitable for whatever the job is. Some apartments won’t let you live in them if you have been out of work or have a spotty work history. Kimadagem, I just want to point out that I pay 635 a month for a nice wooden floored one bedroom apartment in a suburbian city outside of Austin while going to school full time and working 50 hours a week. In many cities in America, the state of being homeless is inherently illegal so getting a criminal record is pretty much inevitable if one has nowhere to live in those areas. Oddly enough, SSDI is usually not enough to live off of, unless you’ve worked many, many years.

My son is 17.I am 52 and in very poor health,still fighting for our utilities will be shut off this house is 93 degrees as I can’t afford to use the air cond for the last 3 prescriptions are sitting in a pharmacy for over a week. I wish so much that your life were easier and that you had a safe little apartment with the rent all paid where you and your family could live. I can’t live in a shelter due to social anxiety- my anxiety is so bad that I can’t be touched, hardly- this is due to my abuse and PTSD as a result. It’s easier for people to think that the homeless are just lazy and prefer to live on handouts.

Go live like a homeless person, get a job, get a home, get a phone, get a car, get everything you have right now starting with nothing. We camped in tents for 2 months before getting my severance pay which allowed us to buy a travel trailer to live in. I would love to get another job but haven’t had any luck yet. The big deal is that Tanzania does not have a large supply of skilled gem cutters, as do India, China and Thailand. The JTV and other television vendors are telling us to do so. They are saying that people in China who had never shown an interest in tanzanite are suddenly in the market.Market News

Market News