Long Term Investment Ideas (4)

Investment NewsThese are some of the stock trading and investment apps that you will find on the Android App store that can assist you with your financial management and stock portfolio reviews. Another good, inexpensive broker is Hargreaves Lansdown although they are better with funds (i.e. unit trusts, OEICs, Mutual Funds etc.) rather than individual shares. Anthony Rayner, co-manager of the Miton Multi-Asset Range of funds, has revealed for What Investment the reasons behind the recent decision to buy some gold for the portfolio of funds of which he is co-manager. Simon Gergel, manager of the Merchants Investment Trust, has revealed that his search for income has led to an investment in one company that has recently come to market via an IPO.

Chris Wright, manager of the Premier Optimum Income fund, which has a yield of 7 per cent, has revealed for What Investment the one smaller company stock he has been buying for income. Alex Wright, manager of the Fidelity Special Values investment trust and the Fidelity Special Situations fund, has asserted that Lloyds Banking Group shares continue to be amongst the best investments for 2016, but the prospects for the mining stocks are likely to remain bleak. You can maximize your returns and reduce the risks by diversifying your investment.

Eric Moore, manager of the Miton Income fund, which has a current dividend yield of 4.2 per cent, has outlined for What Investment the reasons why he believes that oil giant Shell may not be able to maintain its dividend at the present level beyond two years from now. Richard Watts, manager of the £2 billion Old Mutual UK Mid Cap fund, which is ranked 4th from 248 funds in the IA UK All Companies sector over the past five years, has disclosed for What Investment the two UK house builders he believes represent value right now. I am happy to receive information from What Investment or related companies within the Vitesse Media group by email.

There are many of options for gold investment like, buying jewels, coins, gold bars, gold exchange traded funds, world gold council coins etc. Article Tips and Tricks for Gold Investment will gives you much more information on different gold investment plans. Initial investment on real estate is much higher compared to other money management options. It is similar to stock investment but risk involved is less since it is a collective investment scheme. Insurance doesn’t come under high return investment plans but your money is more secured in this.

Mutual Funds are most appropriate investment plans for common man, where he can just put his money and portfolio allocations are done by AMC. Returns from these investments are less compare to other investment options but risk is totally zero. A retired person with substantial savings may not think about very much for high returns and think about investment risks. Some good books from experienced investment gurus gives lot of ideas and simple tricks for a successful strategy. The important point to note down is that there are different investment criteria for different people.

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