Make New Technology Work for You When Job Hunting

One of the difficult things people encounter when seeking new jobs is dealing with how a company uses different technologies and tools in their personnel recruiting process.  The day when one wrote an application letter on a manual typewriter, added a printed resume as an enclosure and mailed it off in an envelope with a neat return address and a new stamp has gone the way of the corner telephone booth.  Today you conduct your application process online using the employer’s secure website, attach a resume and cover letter to it electronically and send them all – along with copies of requested samples and names of references – off over the internet, where it arrives within a few seconds.

All of this makes job hunting easier, but it can require new skills.  If you haven’t learned how to compose a good letter that catches one’s attention over the internet, then you may be at a handicap immediately.  Try reading your own letter as if you were a total stranger.  Does it interest you?  Would you feel like you want this person working next to you?  If you have doubts, then think of what someone who doesn’t know you will feel.  Then revise your cover letter to make it truthful and interesting to the reader.  Carefully look over that resume, not just from the view on the monitor but also see how it looks printed out.  And get rid of every typo or format error.

You also need to remember that if your application and letter passes the initial review you will probably be asked for an interview.  In that case you’ll want to appear like the person they’ve read about in your online correspondence.  This is when you’ll be glad you got that dress from Charlotte Russe that makes you look like so professional.  And you’ll be glad you used good judgement and searched for promo codes on Groupon, so you could buy it for less.  And if you get the job, you know you can continue to add to your wardrobe simply by clicking your way to great savings with Charlotte Russe.