March 2011 (2)

Nyc Department Of FinanceA website connected with national education services as well as Employment and Training (E & T) and our government sponsored Career One Stops network throughout the US is AceNet or This site also lists the highest paying jobs in the country, figured by hourly wage equivalent, but at salaries of over $146,000 per year. The Housing Maintenance Code classifies violations as either class A, B, or C, depending upon the hazard involved. For example, those violations deemed immediately hazardous are designated as Class C” violations. According to the Housing Maintenance Code, Class C violations must be corrected within twenty-four hours. Litigation also must be initiated to penalize owners who falsely certify the correction of violations. HPD notifies the Department of Finance of the cost of the repair (including a 15% HPD service charge).

For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2006, it is the Tax Department’s position that in the case of a taxpayer whose assigned or primary office is in New York State, any normal work day spent at the home office will be treated as a day worked outside the state if the taxpayer’s home office is a bona fide employer office. If some of the core duties of employment are performed at the home office, then the home office will meet this factor. I have no experience with software whatsoever – have never used tax prep software in 40 years.Nyc Department Of Finance

If the employer requires the employee to work from his or her home office as a condition of employment, the home office will meet this factor. For example, if a written employment contract states the employee must work from home to perform specific duties for the employer, then the home office will meet this factor. If the employer does not provide the employee with designated office space or other regular work accommodations at one of its regular places of business, then the home office will meet this factor.

FYI – NJ residents who regularly work as an employee at an office in New York do not have to pay NY state income tax on regular working days when you attend a job-related conference, convention, seminar, or other training activity, or visit a client, in another state. By allocating your days outside of NY you will probably pay less net combined state income tax, because the tax rate is higher in NY than NJ on most levels.

In addition, many jobs are not advertised or listed on Internet sites at all, but this is a starting point. During Autumn 2009, over 2.6 million jobs were advertised by a total among all online sources and 630,000 of these jobs advertised a starting salary of $80,000 or more per year. However, a job seeker can search this range only in a specific city or state and not nationwide. It is the NYC taxpayers and the NYC employees who are paying for these increases.

Nyc Department Of Finance