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Economic NewsThe German economy posted firm growth for the third quarter, boosted by consumer spending which is fast becoming a cornerstone for German economic expansion, data published Tuesday showed. I think India has and it is been poor and there will take a long time to go up. Education it is important but not the key element (USA was brought up to where it is today by people mostly by entrepreneurs) no that this is the key but just to point it is not the problem education. The Solano Economic Development Corporation is a partner with the County in this project.

Human life and hence human well-being is multidimensional; therefore progress of people should involve many things other than economic development which is merely an important tool, never an end in it self. The group, which was scheduled to meet Thursday with Pentagon officials, includes Mayor Len Augustine and Councilwoman Dilenna Harris from Vacaville, Fairfield City Manager David White and Solano County Economic Development Corp. The intent is to create economic development activities and projects that grow the countywide economy.

White said Travis officials are in discussions with Fairfield and Vacaville to supply a secondary water source to the base in the event there are short-term problems with a well, or as yet to be determined by an ongoing groundwater study, the overall impact on the regional aquifer. Augustine was joined by City Councilwoman Dilenna Harris, who went representing the Travis Regional Armed Force Committee, Solano Economic Development Corporation President Sandy Person, Fairfield Mayor Harry Price and Fairfield City Manager David White.

Powerhouse leaders Congressman Mike Thompson, D-Solano, and Shelley Berkley, CEO and senior provost of Touro University Western Division, shared insight on success at Friday’s Solano Economic Development Corporation breakfast gathering. To do that, the county has issued a Request for Proposal seeking qualified consulting firms to conduct a comprehensive study of the local economy, with a focus on developing a countywide strategic approach for diversifying the economic base. The process should take about 18 months, until February, 2017, said Bezek and Solano Economic Development Corp.’s Sean Quinn, who is involved in the project from that agency’s side.

This is the second phase of the Moving Solano Forward Economic Diversification Study project begun two years ago with another study that identified four main most promising industry clusters” in the county, spokesman James Bezek said. The project is funded by a grant from the U.S Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment. An article in Automotive News Europe discusses how Europe is working hard to reduce CO2.Economic News

Economic News