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Security FinanceThis company offers traditional installment loans, auto financing, and income tax preparation to consumers. They must consider data security and privacy issues of their customers very seriously otherwise they would be violating the due diligence requirements under various law, especially the cyber law of India. There, I was engaged as a consultant to write a food security investment strategy that would secure the country’s access to food for the next 50 years, a bold plan given they domestically produce next to nothing. And what about grandmas that work; maybe they wouldn’t want to quit their jobs to be babysitters for their grandchildren.

The challenge was to meet the minimum financial return expectations that the investment agency is mandated to target, while simultaneously mandating minimum food security outcomes expected from the strategy. With jobs back on American soil those have any pride would work and those who are lazy will be on welfare. She applies for over 10 jobs a week, and not even a phone call comes for her to have an interview.

Working with local government, investors and food producers to better understand how the global movement of sovereign food security offers more than an opportunity to sell the farm – it provides an opportunity to build deep trade-based and co-investment relationships that transcend the single financial dimension. Michael has more than 10 years experience in private sector finance and investments across venture capital, funds management and property transactions.

He is currently engaged as Director and principal investor in a real estate urban activation business; a Director in a refugee-focused venture capital business; and is writing a food security investment strategy for a major sovereign wealth fund. They could even get training about starting their own business which would help the economy and create MORE jobs.

Lifelong welfare creates dependency whereas if you put a time limit on it and force people to go to school to train for jobs while collecting, no one would view welfare as a permanent income source as they do now. I wouldn’t mind finding a way to go to how things were back when our grandparents were kids where they’d make their own jobs if they couldn’t find one.

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