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Finance ManagementGoing to college is exciting and the anticipation of it makes you forget about everything else. There were other non-clinical management positions that were also eliminated, so that in the end there were probably 20-25 positions eliminated in total. I’ve also worked within organizations that set up assistance through career guidance/placement companies for those who were out of a job. I know when I had my job loss experience I thought that it was handled as poorly as I could imagine.

Haha.. this is such a cool lens.. yeah it’s really awful to lose jobs however sometimes, it’s better to think of it as if you will have a long vacation (lol). You know I don’t remember a time where so many of the people who are my friends have lost their jobs after YEARS of loyal service – it is quite a blow in these trying economic times. I also noticed that people have trouble knowing what to say to me, almost like someone died, so some avoid me. I wish things were different and I am still without a job though i am working towards certification as a counselor.

I invested a lot of my blood,sweat, and tears in my former job and I loved it. I know one day I will look back on this as a bad dream but I will always miss my work family. I totally agree with Nightbear’s comment: make it a priority in any job to spend the first year or two saving hard (if possible) to have 3-6 months living expenses covered if the worst happens. I have not lost a job but I had to give one up due to illness and I am definitely the sort of person who thinks, when one door closes another one opens.

It is just good to know that there are other people out their who have lost their jobs and want to tell their stories. Unfortunately in this day and age, change is inevitable and losing a job during a career happens to most of us. Because employers do not want to have to be the ones to let people go, they often do not know how to do in a professional manner. An understanding of international finance and complex financial documents also is important.

As an mba graduate in Business, I would say about 90% of the management do not know how to be a leader and it shows. You will be able to specialise in areas including Financial and Management Information Systems, Financial Planning, Software Applications and Business Taxation. Treasurers and finance officers direct their organization’s budgets to meet its financial goals.Finance Management

Finance Management