My Testimony Before The City Council Today (2)

Nyc Department Of FinanceWhile Mayor Mike was and is, fiddling, New York was and continues, burning, and the public needs to see exactly what this fiddler did/is doing, now that we are about to have no choice but elect his deputies in November 2013 (I mean Scott Stringer, Christine Quinn, Bill De Blasio, Tom Allon). In addition, charter start-ups receive special subsidies amounting to more than $2 million per year from the city’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD); and are not being required to adhere to the same costly mandates, such as the new teacher evaluation system imposed by the state. For information on your current taxes please contact the New York City Department of Finance.

Many NYC charters also raise millions of dollars privately from their supporters in the hedge-fund industry, Wall street executives, and other assorted billionaires. Eva Moskowitz’ Success Academy charters recently raised $7 million in one night ; despite the fact that her schools had surpluses of over $28 million NYC charters also receive myriad other special favors from an administration that is widely recognized as biased towards these privately-managed schools.

Along with Chancellor Walcott, Spencer is also on the board of the NYC Charter Center , which is headed by Phoebe Boyer, who runs both of Julian’s foundations, the Tiger and Robertson Foundations, which help finance the Charter Center and other pet projects of the Mayor. A similar Top 20 list posted by MSNBC includes only jobs around $120,000/year and lower.

Yet Julian, whose net worth is $2.8 billion according to Forbes, refuses to pay city taxes , and has his secretary calculate exactly how many days he must travel out of the city and schedules him accordingly, to avoid doing so. A large number of students in many communities apply much closer to admissions dates, so this takes the charter screening and ups the ante by quite a bit. Mortgage Recording Tax (MRT) – A tax is charged when mortgages for property in New York City are recorded.

If you have evidence of corruption, fraud, or misuse of funds by administrators or school officials, please contact the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigations for the NYC School District. As an example of unmet demand that exists for public schools, in 2010, we did an analysis of the acceptance rates of the NYC high schools that DOE had put on its closing list that year. While hundreds of thousands of NYC public school children continue to sit in overcrowded classrooms, and in trailers, and on Kindergarten waiting lists, the charter schools will get a free ride at the city’s expense. So they decided to literally pick me out of a crowd, and give me a bogus ticket to look good.

Nyc Department Of FinanceNyc Department Of Finance