New York City Department Of Finance Notice Of Property Value (2)

Nyc Department Of FinanceThe Cohen Law Office, PC is a boutique law firm focused primarily on Tax Certiorari with a special focus on the five boroughs of New York City. A few Google searches regarding the novelty company whose name was on the checks, the bank on which the checks were drawn and the 900 phone number (which was a temporary number registered to an entity in Newfoundland, Canada and which had already been canceled and the entity’s office closed after a month in operation) gave me further insight into how this operation worked.

However, those who have purchased a home, with a low down payment within the past few years and have to sell soon (and one reason for being forced to sell could be that their payments on their adjustable mortgage are rising to an amount they can no longer afford to pay, will have a problem as their homes will probably sell for less than what they owe.Nyc Department Of Finance

I typed the phone number into a reverse look up and found it to be a land line but the name is unlisted (the number is in Quibek (sorry cant spell it) but the maple diamond lists its address as Ottawa, ON at the top of my letter and even encludes some small print at the bottom that says its null and void if you are under 18 and to get help if you or someone you know is a potential addict to gambling.. So… They are getting smarter and I also noticed NO spelling errors or bad grammer.

Further, in the case I wrote about the checks were stolen from a small country bank in Missouri, the letter was mailed from somewhere in the U.S. but office address on the envelope was a P.. box on the island of Gibraltar in Europe, the telephone number I was instructed to call was in Nova Scotia (Canada) and I am sure that if I had followed through and wired them the money that they were asking for, that would have gone to an account in Eastern Europe.

I also asked to speak with a manager and they were not in and told me to call back tomorrow between 9 and 10. The Csr rep, Hung up on me twice when i asked if this was a scam or if i said i did not understand what she was saying to me. I called her back and she told me that she thought i hung up on her……. The # of the company Basic Finance is 306-351-0052.

Nyc Department Of Finance