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Nyc Department Of FinanceUsers can select from a range of variables to create customized maps, download tables, and track trends over time. We are 4 months into the lease and first the refrigerator was broken, then the stove, then a carbon monoxide leak (causing the fire department to break in), broken top lock (from the fire department), and a hole in the pipe under kitchen sink (flooding kitchen)- each of these took a month or more to be fixed. If you can’t get the appropriate city agency to address the issue satisfactorily, you should bring your LL to housing court. At the moment the land lord needs permissions from the City to do some pipe repairs in order to fix the issues. Before taking any legal action, I would call 311 and see if there is any city agency that can help you.

My husband(he is the only 1 on the lease,while I live here with my 3 children)is currently in litigation with the owner of our rent stablized NYC multiple dwelling(44units)for nonpayment of rent. Regardless, you may be better off throwing her a bone a giving her a 50% abatement for the ten days-i.e. work what the rent would be per day for ten days, and credit her 50% of the sum on her next rent payment; otherwise, you may waste time in court and money on an attorney. I work from home, and I am at my wits’ end…I can’t concentrate, I can’t make phone calls to clients, and the noise has driven my blood pressure through the roof.

I also filed a complaint with 311 before that, but had not heard back from them… My landlord stopped responding to my text and phone calls, and I’m assuming he didn’t pick up for whoever contacted him from 311 either. The property manager offer to stick us in another apartment but honest i didn’t feel safe. My advice is to find a new apartment-you have a month-to-month, so you can do so with one months notice to your landlord on the date your next rent payment is due. The administration wished that I did not contact police when the best friend of the old roommate shoved me in the hallway.

I called the office spoke to the office clerk who said he sent a letter to me; He said to me on the phone that it was my responsibility to move my belongings in the boiler room downstairs. My apartment is over a restaurant (noise, odors, lack of parking) – and this is why the rent is below market value. If it is illegal it sure isn’t enforced because I see a lot of it here in New York City.Nyc Department Of Finance

My landlord is trying to make everyone move out her building and repair all her violations and she said we can come back after its all done being fix, but she is also not accepting rent from anyone and she doesn’t have a court document saying we are allowed to come back after the construction is done. She has never did anything to fix the building except now that she has all these problems with the city. After she verbally attacked my roommate and myself on the phone and told us it wasn’t her problem and we weren’t getting our money back.

Nyc Department Of Finance