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Nyc Department Of FinanceBYTES of the BIG APPLE is a family of software, data and geographic base map files for the City of New York. Overall the freedom of renting is better, you can move much easier if you wish and repairs are only a phone call away. A trustee can intercept a tax refund or require you to turn it over to the court If you fail to turn over your tax refund during the allotted time period, the court may dismiss your bankruptcy case. NYC is my favourite city in the world and I try to pop over from the UK twice a year.Nyc Department Of Finance

The amount of your tax refund the bankruptcy trustee can seize depends upon when you file, who you file with and a variety of other factors. Spending your tax refund before you file for bankruptcy protects it from seizure as long as you spend the money on household necessities rather than luxury items. Spend the money on luxury items and the court will expect you to repay your tax refund in full lest your bankruptcy case be dismissed. If you owe a debt to the federal government that’s in default, you’re unlikely to ever see your tax refund. Collection agencies are private creditors and, as such, cannot seize or intercept tax refunds.

If you can prove that a collection agency threatening to take your tax refund, you have the right to sue them. Dealing with tax problems and be very confusing so seeing out professional tax help is another good option. If, however, you are married and file your taxes jointly with a spouse who is not named in the bankruptcy case, your spouse is entitled to half of the refund automatically and the court will not seize her half. My husband’s Federal income taxes have been garnished since 2005 and he just filed for bankruptcy a week ago.

We moved from Oklahoma in 2002, but here in the last two years they have been trying to seize our federal return, saying we never paid taxes in 2001. I worked for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services from January 2001, until November 2001. I was a State of Oklahoma employee, and not only were taxes taken out of my paycheck, but I worked for the state itself! Under SCRIE, the city would cover rent increases incurred through tax reductions to the landlords.

If you are looking to start a new career, better balance your personal and professional lives, or simply to serve New York’s citizens, a career at the Department of Taxation and Finance might be right for you. I invite you to explore these pages to experience the range of research, courses, seminars, special events and other resources that contribute to the vibrant intellectual life of Stern’s Finance Department.

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