Office Of Financial Management (2)

Finance ManagementThe Financial Management specialization of the Master’s programme in Business Administration at VU University Amsterdam will give you the tools and competencies you need for managing, controlling and financing business activities. This module investigates the specialised area of buyer behaviour and the management of customer-centric Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies to develop a critical appreciation of the complex nature of the customer decision-making process, together with the challenges marketers face in seeking to influence that process. This module focuses on an in-depth understanding, of the complexities of the theory and practice of change management.

It provides the opportunity to develop the ability to critically analyse theoretical and practical approaches to change management. Attention is paid to the role of external consultants and the role of the employed internal consultant, as well as exploring the consultancy process and the key skills of a successful management consultant. The starting point for the dissertation can be a business problem or a specific management topic of interest to you. The module enables students to critically appreciate business and management issues relating to East Asia.

Aims to give you advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the essential components of modern corporate finance including ownership structure and governance; capital structure and dividend decisions, and mergers, acquisitions and restructuring. The module also engages students in a comparative analysis of key East Asian organisational and management preferences. The module develops students’ knowledge and understanding of the key issues relating to trends in employee relations and reward management.

The module also provides students with the opportunity to critically understand the reasons and explanations behind such trends, as well as critically review debates and practices in employee relations and reward management. Issues covered include drivers and barriers in firm start-up and growth; financial systems and capital access; and managing the external environment.Finance Management

The module aims to develop the financial tools of business management, emphasising issues of long-term financial decision-making. The module provides you with the ability to critically evaluate the information needs of management for control and decision-making purposes. The module provides students with an advanced understanding of key issues relating to the nature and practice of human resource management.

Finance Management