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During its first three years, the Foundation contributed over $850,000 to more than 600 charities in all the states in which Security Finance has offices. In 1998, Security Finance adopted the Children’s Miracle Network as the recipient of its funds. At Security Finance we believe that every employee can Make the Difference in not only the future success of the Company but in the lives of the customers we serve, and the communities in which we operate our 900+ offices. Profit Sharing An employee must be 18 years old, complete one year of service, and work 1,000 hours within that year to be eligible for the Security Profit Sharing Plan.

From our dynamic sales teams to our experienced technicians to our attentive call center staff, Security Corporation has one goal – to meet the needs of our valued customers, every time we provide them service. Security Corporation is proud to offer Honeywell Total Connect®, a remote video monitoring system that enables you 100% control of your commercial security system. Total Connect is the premiere security product for today’s increasingly mobile business owners and administrators.

They have you going out to people jobs and home if they don’t pay.Depends on what store you work at the Manager will sent the ladies out at night by themselves and when it’s pouring down raining. Security was an interesting place to work we took inbound loan applications and payments. Working at Security Finance has had its ups and downs there seem to be more bad then good days, because its all a numbers game. We have been in business since June 2001 and are part of a small group of Finance Companies.Security Finance

CSFF offers the most comprehensive insight on the ever-evolving cyber security vertical, creating an environment for industry leaders, government officials, advisors and investors to discuss how to address the most important sector trends in a unified way. This conference will debate, discuss and deliver answers to the key cyber security challenges equipping you with contacts and advice that help drive your business forward. The Cyber Security Finance Forum is an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with innovators of some of the latest technologies as well as a good opportunity to network.

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