Personal Finance Advice For College Students (2)

Daily FinanceIn addition to free stock quotes, DailyFinance has streaming news headlines and commentary (found in the center rail of the stock page), in-depth charting tools and top-level research information that will allow you to quickly analyze your next investment. Kevin Landis, portfolio manager at the Firsthand Technology Value fund, said Dorsey should focus on innovation and on finding ways to make Twitter as much as part of its user’s daily lives as Facebook is to its users. After all, retirees largely live on their retirement assets, and to see the U.S. stock market lose almost 8 percent of its value has to be disconcerting for Americans in their post-career years. Uncertainty is a defining characteristic in the stock market; just because it’s down one day does not mean it’ll be the same way the next day or even minute.

Noting that stock market volatility is historically a normal component to investing, investment professionals say the best move for retirees anxious about their retirement savings is to be forward thinking and have a strong retirement plan in place that can withstand negative market performance. But the Leaf can easily manage a short commute to work and a few errands before coming home to charge.

Just as it did with portable music players and tablets, Apple is leading the charge toward making the smartwatch a mainstream, must-have item. Some of the late-day rally was driven by short-term traders, including many who had bet the market would fall and rushed to cut their losses, said Michael Matousek, head trader at U.S. Global Investors in San Antonio. By doing so, they actually undercut the ultra-low-cost carries because Spirit and Frontier charge customers extra to use overhead baggage bins or to have a drink of water.

And the small drop in ticket prices is nothing compared to the 31-percent savings airlines have seen on their fuel bills since the start of this year. Low interest rates and a booming housing market have been beneficial to lead providers for the mortgage industry and LendingTree has been one of them. It’s a volatile niche, but it’s also a logical expansion market for the company. The most valuable company to double this year in terms of market cap is Netflix. It’s the kind of blow that can feed a sense of helplessness about retirement, college savings and higher-than-expected bills. No doubt the latest stock market plunge has dealt a setback to many retirement accounts.

Yet for individual Americans, falling gas prices are a windfall: Families have more cushioning in their household budgets and can direct some of their gas savings to pare debt, invest or spend. You can take your hobby a step further and get together with coworkers or friends for group coloring. A new study from Mintel shows that only 51 percent of unattached people in the U.S. have a retirement savings account.

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