Proof The Stock Market Is Manipulated By Investor Class

Stock Market NewsThe opportunity in wine, according to the creators of (requires registration), is created by China’s economic troubles, which have been instrumental in driving global stock markets downward in recent months. For the newbies, check out my lens on Online Stock Trading with additional resources and schools to help you trade stocks. Stock Markets are fluid, driven by fear and greed, if you learn how to correctly identify the opportunities; you will rarely lose in stock markets. More than half of all stocks on the Shanghai exchange hit their downward limits, including blue chip companies like China Life Insurance and China Shenhua Energy.

They also explain why the Fed will fail each and every time in its attempt to force an entire generation to lever up when the three things said generation wants more than anything is to have no debt, and to live within its means. This is bad news to BlackRock whose entire business model revolves around fooling naive individuals that they can make money participating in a ponzi scheme which only generates commission for the likes of BlackRock; everyone else better pray that Janet Yellen’s next fainting spell isn’t her last.

The total money spent to directly prop up the market is unknown, but is believed to total tens of billions of dollars. Perkins said the Chinese economy surely could withstand a reversion to more reasonable stock valuations, but the optics of such a fall — not necessarily the underlying financial toll — may continue to drive Beijing’s decision making. The chances of earning money from the slow movers and non news based counters is quite low!

Even if carried out haphazardly, China’s move to have more of its citizens invest their savings in the stock market is not without reason. Until now, many Chinese regarded the debt-ridden housing market as the preferred means to secure appreciating assets. But analysts say that means stock prices could continue to fall, especially if Beijing is seen as becoming more of a neutral actor.

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Stock Market NewsStock Market News