Ready To Retire But Still Need More Retirement Income? Is A Semi Retirement Plan Better (2)

Financial ConsultantIf you forgot your password, but know your User ID, enter your User ID above and select Log In – then select Forgot Password. I am a business consultant to a number of multi-national corporations and I often use analogies and illustrations to bring a point home to my clients. You have no idea how many corporations I consultant with who, despite their doctorates, have no idea how to run a business and are losing the company millions of dollars each year because of their ignorant decisions.Financial Consultant

RK’s position is clear: Go ahead and get an education if you feel you must, but always invest in your financial education. Of course, I am not saying that RK is the only god-send on the matter of financial education. The advice he does give seems risky because most people have a limited financial education to evaluate the feasibility and this results in dismissal as high risk advice. He offers ideas and preaches about financial education but his focus was on getting people to change the way they think about money.

I don’t care if Robert’s advice is fact or fiction or if rich dad ever existed, Robert’s advise has helped me reevaluate my financial priorities and put me on the road toa better financial future. The ‘Rich Dad’ books were NOT supposed to give you a complete blueprint on how to start your financial journey. Robert’s job is to inspire you to educate yourself and to invest according to your needs.

Any reputable financial adviser will point out the flawed logic and pure fabrications Kiyosaki pulls out his @$$. I got laid off from my job on my birthday, my 401k went out the window along with my job, my relationship was cancerous (talking about the wrong partner), I downsized 2 times coz I can’t afford to pay my rent. His message is Financial Education and his game is Cash Flow (not only his board game but his game in life).

Women as well as men do not have a proper understanding of their personal finances and do not like to do it because they feel uncomfortable with the financial concepts. Focus on your retirement or look at your friends or their mothers who have to cope with devastating financial issues when their fathers or spouses die or when they divorce or lose their jobs. By asking these questions, you can narrow down the type of financial planner and the services that you require. Once you have found the right planner, make him an important part of your financial life.

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