Refuge Crisis ( Schauble Compares Refugee Wave To An Avalanche (2)

Economic NewsFrederick area businesses were recognized during the annual Best Places to Work Awards held at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick, Maryland on July 30, 2015.  My research is showing that in EVERY major recession and depression up to and including the one in 1929, the government followed Conservative economic theory and did nothing; they let things happen without intervention in any meaningful way. Bush did a lot to help us move towards a total economic collapse, and Obama hasn’t done anything to drag us back from the brink.

The surcharge doesn’t affect any industry in particular, if fact, the intent, which history has shown to be work in these economic conditions, is that the overall economic benefit which accrue from such a surcharge clearly outweigh the negative impact the reduction in buying power might have on the American economy. I do a review of most recessions in America’s history and do a comparative analysis of the two economic systems used over that time. Here are some of the effects of the global economic recession in the Philippines.Economic News

It is done in our tax code, it is done with grants and guarantees such as the programs that funded Solyndra, it is done with bailout loans to prevent nationwide economic chaos and meltdown, it is done in uncountable ways by all levels of governmnet since this country was founded. OK. You may not be aware of basic economic principles such as Opportunity Cost but you can cling to whatever you like.

His financial plan is the economic equivalent of hitting the reset button without fixing any of the underlying problems that caused the crash in the first place. Swordsbane, obviously you can chose to trust or distrust economic systems how ever you want, but, in Capitalism, there are only two, one based only on microeconomic, the conservative system, and the other based on a mixture of micro and macroeconomics, which is favored by non-conservatives.

Swordsbane, I didn’t say debt doesn’t matter, I said it doesn’t matter as a cause for economic downturns in almost all instances; the one exception I know of is the Bush I recession caused by the attempt to reign in deficit spending (which causes the debt, not the other way around, btw) without raising taxes in order to reduce the Reagan debt. In ALL other economic collapses I have studied since 1797, the size of the debt did not play a role, period. With the announcement and passage of the stimulus package, that is just what the market, a predictor of future economic conditions, and business did.

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