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Regional FinanceSave the Children is the world’s leading independent organisation for children. Verification of monthly payroll for the staff in coordination with the regional director and the regional human resources. Assurance that the annual regional financial audit follows JRS International financial policies and is supported by country and project directors under the supervision of the International Office Finance Coordinator. Provision of assistance to the regional director in entering into negotiations with Church, government and international intergovernmental organisations, such as UNHCR, as required. I am going to give the meds and this life another shot and it is all thanks to Regional Finance Corp.

Regional finance corporation is a bottom feeder type trap!!!!!!….borrower beware…..public service announcement. Act as the functional lead for finance controllership, collaborating with key stakeholders such as local office business and finance leaders and senior management. This includes coordinating initiatives and project tracking efforts with regional finance, local office representatives and other relevant key stakeholders.

Ensure compliance with all corporate and divisional business policies as well as all relevant local regulatory requirements. She/he creates and maintains solid relationships with country program staff and Corporate. Nouboue-who is bilingual (fluent in English and French) has been the Southwest Regional Finance Controller for a year now; but in all, she has dutifully served in that capacity for about 10 years in different regions. This 50-year old financial expert/statistician says the work of a finance controller is very exacting. Although the job is very demanding, I love it. Sometimes we leave the office in the night.

Nouboue served as Interim Finance Controller for the West Region, then Regional Finance Controller for the Northwest for seven years (July 2006 – May 2013) before his appointment to Buea in the same capacity. The Regional Finance Controller, among other duties, ensures the strict regulation and implementation of the state budget at the regional level. We have observed that she is open-minded and motherly”, said one female worker when I tried to find out whether the Finance Controller is bossy. Other service users (contractors and state employees) met in the waiting room of the Finance Controller all agreed that Mrs.Regional Finance

Total housing finance burst through $30 billion for the first time in December 2014, and has being rising at a fast pace ever since. I predicted that we’d hit close to $33 billion back in April , based upon a combination of scuttlebutt, the trend in the figures being reported by Australian Finance Group, and more scuttlebutt. In April a thumping seasonally adjusted $6.6 billion of mortgage finance was approved in the state, up from $5.4 billion in the prior year comparative period (and in April 2013, the figure was just $4.7 billion, which gives an idea of the persistent pace of the increase).

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