Regional Finance Manager Africa Bureau (2)

Regional FinanceThis position is open to all qualified applicants who are either Kenya nationals, to be based in Nairobi, or Rwanda nationals, to be based in Kigali. While regional employment in the two most populous states was growing reasonably robustly until the financial crisis, regional employment growth has now slowed, with the mining capex cliff now adding to the drag in some regions. The combined cities and towns of regional New South Wales has created a fair level of new employment (+100,000), particularly in the Hunter, Newcastle and the Illawarra. However, over the same time period regional Victoria has by comparison created almost no additional employment (+10,000) on a net basis.

The Regional Finance Officer (RFO) is a member of the regional program finance team and is responsible for performing budget and expense tracking activities of the program. As expected, the release confirmed that the between capital city and regional employment growth has widened to become a gaping gulf. If only the same could be said of the regional centres in those states where employment growth is flat-lining.Regional Finance

Recent Housing Finance and Lending Finance data have suggested that dwelling prices in Adelaide may be set for a modest upturn. The real point of concern for mine is the near total lack of jobs growth in regional Australia, which can only result in higher unemployment over time. The trend in regional unemployment in Queensland since 2007 is nothing short of alarming, the dis-spiriting result of a mining capex cliff fused with coal mining employment hitting the wall. Yesterday’s Lending Finance figures from the ABS showed that April was one the biggest months on record for lending in Australia.

I haven’t gotten around to reading the market commentary on the April Lending Finance data yet (in truth, they don’t get all that much coverage in the media) but I imagine these must be too good to be true as well, since in the event April proved to be a massive result – one of the strongest ever. He removed it from my bill and said he would remove it from the bills of all the others Regional Finance brought to his court.

We already know that owner-occupier housing finance has increased in a robust manner, up by another 3.1 in April and by 9.3 per cent over the past year on a rolling annual basis, a typical and rational enough response to ultra-low mortgage rates. Commercial finance increased by another 4 per cent in April and is now up by an even stronger 13.8 per cent on an equivalent rolling 12 monthly basis. About a week and a half later I got a letter from Regional Finance, 2403 Battleground Avenue, Suite 4, Greensboro, North Carolina, 27408. Regional Finance is asking for it. But if I live long enough I will pay them back.

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