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Security FinanceIf any readers of this weblog can send him links to recent publications and helpful websites, this assistance would be grateful. No jobs without exerience, no experience without a job- the boomers running the companies want something impossible, seemingly blind to the fact that the economy they have been playing poker with for the last 30 years is caving in around our ears. I really like your point when you said living within ones means is probably the hardest thing that we all have to master before achieving true financial security.

They have voted us into the war on terror, the housing market crash, the current financial crisis we’re facing, shipping out many of our jobs to Mexico and the Pacific region, selling us to China who can essentially takeover this country with the amount of debt we owe them, etc. I do excellent work, but every employer’s major complaint about me (including my Mom’s) is that I am too slow, yet I am always expected to do the jobs of at least two people! They deny us jobs and opportunities and then have the nerve to call us lazy, stupid, etc.

The said Security Finance Company has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confisicated within the next twenty one official working days. With my postion here in the finance house/bank as the director of foreign remittance department together with my position here in Togo and ECOWAS sub-region,we are to achieve this goal legaly,smoothly and perfectly without any delay so you have noting to worry about ok!!!. Preference shares form an intermediate class of security between equities and debt.Security Finance

Because I was his personal banker, I have all the vital documents to this fund deposited in the finance house.Since his demise,I have tried through many sources to get hold of any member of my late client family but to no late client did not leave any next of kin when he made this deposit. Also,it is important because at the end of this year last Financial quarter , the FINANCE COMPANY will seize such unclaimed deposits with them as stipulated in the Deposit agreement they had with their depositors.

In order to assist in repartrating the fund valued at US$20.7 million left behind by my client before it gets confisicated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Company where this huge amount was deposited. They said that Finance Company has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confisicated within the sixty one official working days. The said Security Finance Firm has for sometime now issued me a notice to provide the next of kin of my client or his account shall be declared dormant or possibly confiscated.

Security Finance